Lebanese Roaster:

an E-commerce Transformation

About Lebanese Roaster

Lebanese Roaster is a company that specializes in selling roasted nuts, spices, and coffee beans. With multiple locations in the United Arab Emirates, they use modern roasting technology to ensure the quality of their goods and deliver the freshest and most flavorful  products possible.

The challenge

Downtime and Scalability

AB Innovation has collaborated with Lebanese Roasters in its commitment to assist clients in navigating the digital landscape. The aim was to elevate their digital presence and optimize e-commerce operations through the adoption of cloud technology.

Their challenges with traditional hosting services included difficulties in handling surging traffic and meeting customer demands, leading to concerns about frequent downtime and sluggish page loading times. Additionally, the management of application infrastructure posed a costly and time-consuming burden for the small team.

By introducing a new E-commerce application for Lebanese Roasters, AB Innovation sought to establish a scalable, reliable, and flexible infrastructure. This approach aimed to facilitate a swift time-to-market and enable quick adaptation to unforeseen changes in the business landscape, all while ensuring a cost-effective operational framework.

The solution

Monitoring, Autoscaling, and Cost efficiency

To address the challenges faced by their client, a pioneering solution was proposed and implemented by AB Innovation. Leveraging the robust capabilities of AWS cloud infrastructure, the e-commerce application of Lebanese Roasters underwent a transformative migration. This strategic move aimed not only to provide a scalable, reliable, and elastic infrastructure but also to ensure a seamless user experience while minimizing downtime.

In the execution of this solution, various key components played pivotal roles. The migration process, orchestrated by Digico Solutions, seamlessly transitioned Lebanese Roasters’ e-commerce application from traditional hosting to the advanced AWS cloud infrastructure. This migration ensured deployment on a highly scalable and flexible platform, allowing for easy resource allocation and adjustment to meet evolving business needs.

To enhance scalability, a meticulously designed architecture employed AWS services such as Amazon EC2 and Auto Scaling. This architecture empowered Lebanese Roasters to manage sudden spikes in traffic without compromising performance or encountering downtime. The auto-scaling feature dynamically adjusted resources based on demand, guaranteeing optimal performance continuously.

For uninterrupted availability, AWS services including Amazon Elastic Load Balancer and Amazon Route 53 were instrumental. These services efficiently distributed incoming traffic across multiple instances and offered automatic failover mechanisms, reducing the risk of downtime and elevating overall reliability.

A strategic approach to cost optimization was implemented by leveraging AWS’s pay-as-you-go pricing model and incorporating services like AWS Lambda and Amazon S3. This ensured efficient resource utilization and financial prudence.

To ensure ongoing performance and resource management, AWS CloudWatch played a vital role. This monitoring system facilitated proactive tracking of key metrics such as response times, CPU utilization, and network traffic. It enabled the swift identification and resolution of any potential issues, contributing to the overall robustness of the e-commerce application.

Result Driven

The adoption of the AWS cloud infrastructure solution transformed Lebanese Roasters’ e-commerce platform into a scalable, reliable, and cost-effective digital presence. Digico Solution’s expertise in digital transformation and its partnership with AWS played a pivotal role in future-proofing Ab innovation – Lebanese Roasters’ infrastructure and enabling them to thrive in the digital world.

Enhanced Monitoring

The implementation of AWS CloudWatch enabled proactive monitoring of the e-commerce application's performance and resources. This allowed AB Innovation and Lebanese Roasters to quickly identify and resolve any issues, ensuring smooth operations and minimal downtime.

Consistent UX

Load balancing and automatic failover mechanisms ensured that the e-commerce platform remained highly available and reliable. Even in the event of server or network failures, Lebanese Roasters' customers experienced minimal disruption, leading to improved trust and loyalty.


Effortlessly scale their resources up or down based on demand. During peak seasons or promotional campaigns, the e-commerce platform seamlessly handled high traffic loads, ensuring optimal performance. Conversely, during periods of low activity, resources were automatically scaled down, reducing costs.

Improved Performance

Ability to handle increased traffic and demands without experiencing any downtime or slow page loading times. Resulting in an improved user experience, increased customer satisfaction, and improved sales conversion rates.

Ready for your cloud journey?

As a result, the adoption of the AWS cloud infrastructure solution transformed the platform into a scalable, reliable, and cost-effective digital presence.​

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