Velocity without Vulnerability

DevSecOps integrates security into software development, identifying vulnerabilities early and fostering collaboration between teams. The dynamic CI/CD pipeline automates the entire delivery process, ensuring a swift and secure journey, leading to faster releases, improved software quality, and reduced stress for your teams.

Grass is Greener on the DevOps Side

Inefficient workflows without pipelines and DevOps practices result in developers spending valuable time on repetitive tasks, hindering innovation. Slow delivery, limited visibility, and increased bugs further impede progress, making automation essential for streamlined processes, faster releases, and improved overall development quality.

Efficient Workflows

With pipelines and DevOps practices in place, developers dedicate their time to core development and innovation, eliminating the burden of repetitive tasks.

Swift Delivery​

Automation expedites integration and deployment, reducing the time needed for changes and fostering shorter release cycles, thereby promoting innovation.​

Enhanced Visibility​

A centralized pipeline and monitoring system offer clear progress tracking, efficient bottleneck identification, and optimization of processes.​

Reduced Bugs​

Thorough automated testing significantly reduces the occurrence of bugs in production, guaranteeing a seamless and user-friendly experience.​

DevSecOps in Action on AWS

Embark on a journey of Immersive Computing and Spatial Transformation through our specialized program encompassing a range of services, from creating augmented realities to revolutionizing your infrastructure for seamless spatial experiences.


This phase involves centrally managing the code base and designing a secure foundation for your application. To achieve this, AWS CodePipeline allows you to centrally manage your development and deployment.


At this stage, security becomes part of the coding process, not an afterthought. Automated tools scan code and libraries for static vulnerabilities, and developers follow secure coding practices. Here, AWS CodeCommit and Amazon CodeGuru come in handy to manage changes to your code and to perform automated static code scanning for potential security vulnerabilities and exposed sensitive data.

Build & Test

As more components are added to your system, more dynamic security tests can be run automatically and test suites checked to ensure new features work seamlessly and securely. These tests catch integration issues and vulnerabilities early on, preventing them from affecting your production workloads. At this point, AWS CodeBuild and Amazon Inspector are your best bet to prepare your software for deployment and give it one final security inspection.


Moving applications from test to production requires careful handling, and automated deployment ensures consistency and speed. With the CodeDeploy service, AWS manages deployments to your selected AWS service, such as ECS.

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