Digico Solutions at LEAP 2024

By Osama Shamout
Published on: March 20, 2024

LEAP 2024


As we wrap up on #leap2024, the biggest tech conference in the world, we are proud to have been a part of this tremendous event. With 215,000 attendees within only four days, the Digico Solutions team has had the chance to meet government officials, founders and executives, tech enthusiasts, and more.

We left with amazing connections, huge smiles, and eyes wide open at the human potential for innovation with the opportunities tech enthusiasts can achieve.

It was a significant event for Digico Solutions, with Amazon Web Services (AWS) announcing a whopping $5.3 billion investment in Saudi Arabia, marking the establishment of the AWS KSA region. This announcement is not just a testament to the potential of the region but also a milestone in our journey towards digital transformation.

The AWS KSA region will not only boost our capabilities but also revolutionize the technological landscape of Saudi Arabia, bringing the country closer to its desired vision of a digital-first nation. Our team at Digico Solutions is thrilled to have been a part of this groundbreaking moment and is excited about the endless possibilities that lie ahead.

This week has demonstrated the significant opportunities and potential rewards of participating in events. Investing in new geographical areas can lead to substantial growth opportunities.

Anas Khattar, Digico Solutions CEO, with AWS KSA team.
Digico Solutions at LEAP24.

Some Takeaways:

We engaged with more individuals at this tech event than ever before, including partners, clients, and customers.

There is a transition towards sustainable and environmentally friendly technologies, emphasizing the reduction of organizations’ carbon footprints.

We’re seeing the continuation of a massive shift towards digital transformation in KSA and the region.

Anas Khattar, Digico Solutions CEO, with Adam Selipsky, AWS CEO, right after the new AWS KSA region announcement.
With Tanuja Randery, Managing Director of AWS EMEA

As we finish up updating our leads, getting ready for the next stages and events, and absorbing all the information Leap2024 provided us, Digico Solutions wants to thank everyone who worked hard to organize this successful event and make sure we were comfortable, hydrated, caffeinated, and energized.

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