Beyond Infrastructure: Finding Value in a Digital Landscape​

By Ahmad Barake
Published on: February 19, 2024

Beyond Infrastructure:

Finding Value in a Digital Landscape

As we transition into an era fully focused on cloud adoption and migration, we find ourselves at the behest of knowledge as with all things in life. Let’s start with a little history lesson. 

Back in the day before cloud architecture and virtualization were the talk of the town, engineers and developers used to build applications and IT-focused businesses at a much slower pace and with excruciating limitations. This was mainly due to having to take into account the availability, maintainability, and cost of managing hardware and the overhead that would have to host and maintain the underlying hardware. From there a few problems came to light:

  • There was no one-size-fits-all solution available that could cover all the intended use cases for dev teams and organizations which limited what was possible with available hardware.
  • Traditionally, the requirement to run any sort of IT operation required physical hardware which proved costly and limiting in terms of maintainability and scalability.
  • Data analysis and the attainability of actionable insights was a far-fetched dream.
  • Innovation was extremely bottlenecked by the availability of funds and manpower

And so on. 

With cloud adoption, Sky’s the limit

Enter the era of the cloud, where data is at the fingertips of any business, scalability is automated by gigantic providers with unlimited resources, physical hardware is no longer tangible, and virtual hardware is readily available from anywhere on the globe. 

Cloud adoption allows businesses of all sizes to leverage limitless resources in a cost-efficient manner. The only possible limitations are the ambition of the group and the skillset of its individual counterparts. By employing strategic digitization, migration, and optimization strategies, almost anyone can take advantage of the sheer power of cloud computing to build upon or develop any technology they aspire to have. What’s more? Almost anyone can innovate in almost every possible industry, from healthcare institutions aiming to analyze decades of data to find a breakthrough in a certain medical area of focus, to local coffee houses hoping to make the process of brewing their coffee more streamlined and cost-efficient. Any application can be built, any type of data can be stored and analyzed, and any scale of solution can be delivered in record time. 

The focus shifts

From infrastructure to Value Creation

So, it’s time to forget infrastructure and focus on value. Let’s take a look at some key strategies from real-life scenarios employed by our AWS geniuses at Digico Solutions to create value for our clients: 

1. Modernization and Optimization:

In today’s dynamic digital landscape, legacy infrastructure holds businesses back. Modernization isn’t just about migrating workloads to the cloud; it’s about transforming them to leverage cloud-native capabilities. One such transformation project focused on seamlessly moving applications to modern architectures, automatically scaling resources up or down based on demand, and slashing the cloud bill by over 30%. That’s the power of modernization and optimization. By right-sizing resources, adopting serverless functions, and utilizing intelligent autoscaling, you can achieve peak performance while keeping costs under control. This frees up valuable resources to invest in strategic initiatives that drive growth.

2. Data-driven Decision Making:

Data is the lifeblood of modern businesses, but it’s often trapped in silos, untapped and unused. Imagine a unified platform where you can effortlessly collect, store, and analyze all your data – customer behavior, operational metrics, and market trends. Digico’s team integrated powerful analytics tools like AWS CloudWatch and Amazon QuickSight, to uncover hidden insights that inform smarter decisions. Building data-driven applications can help you anticipate customer needs, personalize experiences, and predict future trends. This allows your gut feeling to have the data-backed certainty it needs, unlocking a competitive edge and fueling informed growth strategies.

3. Innovation and Agility:

Traditional development cycles were slow and cumbersome, hindering innovation. Now however deploying code updates is a matter of minutes, experimenting with new features can be a matter of days instead of months, and scaling your infrastructure is nearly effortless. By utilizing our serverless offerings, you can build and deploy code without managing servers, accelerating innovation cycles significantly; you can also automate deployments with CI/CD pipelines powered by tools like AWS CodePipeline, ensuring continuous delivery and faster time to market. Your team can leverage AI/ML capabilities like Amazon SageMaker and Amazon Bedrock for intelligent insights and predictions, automating tasks and driving intelligent decision-making. It’s time to embrace a culture of innovation and agility by staying ahead of the curve and capitalizing on new opportunities.


And that is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Whatever the cloud aspirations may be, there is a solution and a path to achieving it, today is truly an era of innovation.

In the realm of media and entertainment, where large files and collaborative workflows are the norm, Amazon EFS stands out as a reliable solution. Content creators and editors can leverage shared file systems to access and collaborate on media assets in real-time. The high throughput and low-latency characteristics of EFS ensure smooth video editing, rendering, and content distribution. Whether it’s a film production team collaborating across different locations or a media agency managing a vast repository of digital assets, Amazon EFS provides the performance and collaboration capabilities needed for seamless content creation.

Experience the Cloud with Digico Solutions

There was a time before Digico Solutions existed, but that is not a time worth mentioning. A little about us, we are a team of highly skilled, AWS-certified caffeinated individuals who live, breathe, and eat all things cloud. Digico Solutions is a proudly certified Advanced AWS partner delivering cutting-edge cloud solutions and efficiently managing cloud operations for clients and projects of varying complexities. 

Our aim at Digico is to streamline all aspects of cloud adoption and modernization, and with the backing of our partnership with Amazon Web Services, we strive to provide our clients with the best possible cloud experience while keeping focused considerations on value, cost, and time. 



Don’t let your ambition be limited by infrastructure. Dive into the limitless potential of the cloud with Digico Solutions as your guide. We’re not just cloud experts; we’re your value-creation partners.

Remember, the cloud is more than just servers and storage. It’s a platform for unleashing innovation, fueling data-driven decisions, and scaling seamlessly. Whether you’re a healthcare institution seeking medical breakthroughs or a local coffee shop optimizing brewing processes, the cloud opens doors to limitless possibilities.

Join Digico Solutions and step into the era where infrastructure challenges fade, and value creation takes center stage. We’ll be your trusted partner, ensuring your cloud journey is efficient, cost-effective, and future-proof.

Contact us today for a free consultation and let’s unlock the limitless potential of the cloud for your business. – Also at the time of writing, we are available at our booth at the LEAP Conference in Riyadh/KSA and our team of architects and developers will be mingling at the Web Summit in Doha/Qatar so feel free to network, chat, or grab a hot brew!


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