AI For Next Generation Growth

Riyadh, KSA

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This exclusive, invite-only workshop is tailored for executives who wish to gain a deeper understanding of cloud computing and generative AI. Designed to provide high-level insights and practical solutions, the workshop consists of two focused sessions.

Session 1: “Strategic Insights for AI Integration” (45 min) 

Description: The first session offers a strategic overview of the intersection between cloud computing and AI. Industry leaders and experts will share their knowledge, discussing topics such as:

– The role of AI in modern cloud infrastructure.
– Strategic considerations for integrating AI into business operations.
– Ethical and responsible use of AI in corporate environments.

Session 2: “Executive Workshop on Cloud Challenges and Solutions” (60 min)

In this interactive workshop, executives will collaboratively explore and address prevalent challenges in cloud computing. Guided by experienced professionals, the focus will be on:

– Strategies for effective integration in hybrid and multi-cloud environments.
– Cost optimization and resource management in the cloud.
– Ensuring data privacy and compliance in cloud operations.
– A hands-on problem-solving session with peer executives.

Networking Opportunities:

This workshop offers valuable networking opportunities, allowing executives to connect, exchange ideas, and discuss potential collaborations.

Who Should Attend:

This workshop is specifically designed for senior executives, business leaders, and decision-makers interested in leveraging cloud computing and AI for business growth and efficiency.
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