The Global Health Institute (GHI) at the American University of Beirut (AUB) is a regional leader and key partner in addressing global health challenges with a focus on the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. GHI employs an interdisciplinary approach to tackle global health issues and aims to transform the global health dialogue by focusing on contextualized and sustainable solutions that are proportionally dependent on local and regional capacity.

Customer Challenge – Accelerate Content Delivery!

As an institute focused on addressing global health challenges, AUB GHI needed a robust and scalable solution to provide content delivery acceleration, auto-scalability, and redundancy for their applications including different workloads. 

AUB GHI’s applications and workloads were hosted, initially, on-prem, yet the main challenges faced by their team included low performance affecting users’ experience, limited availability to serve global users, and scalability and elasticity constraints to keep up with unpredictable demand.

Without addressing those challenges, GHI’s ability to efficiently deliver its services and meet its objectives could be compromised.

Addressing challenges.

Digico Solutions, with its team of highly certified Solutions Architects and DevOps Engineers, proposed a comprehensive solution for AUB GHI’s hosting needs on AWS. 

Digico solution architects designed a solution that included a scalable architecture that leveraged operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency, and availability with a high focus on cost optimization. 

Collaboratively working with the GHI team, Digico successfully migrated three workloads from on-prem to AWS. This was achieved by using a range of AWS services such as AWS Fargate, Route 53, AWS load balancer, AWS Cloud front, Aurora serverless, and a few more. 

Digico solutions team also used Cloudformation for infrastructure as code, to create discrete modules enabling a frictionless handover of each component of the solution, along with automated deployment orchestration via CI/CD pipelines using three main AWS services: AWS code build, AWS code deploy, and AWS code pipeline.

Result Driven

The implementation of the proposed solution by Digico Solutions provided significant benefits to AUB GHI. 

  • The content delivery acceleration through Amazon CloudFront resulted in faster delivery of content to end users, improving the user experience. 
  • The auto-scalability of the architecture allowed GHI’s applications to handle spikes in demand without performance degradation. 
  • The redundancy provided by the multi-Availability Zone setup with backup and disaster recovery on Amazon RDS MySQL ensured high availability and data protection. 
  • The use of AWS CDK and AWS CodePipeline for IaC practices streamlined the deployment process and improve overall operational efficiency. 

As a result, AUB GHI was able to host their different applications on AWS with improved speed, availability, and scalability, enabling them to deliver their services and meet their objectives efficiently.

About Digico Solutions

Digico Solutions is a leading provider of cloud-based solutions, specializing in AWS services. With a team of highly certified AWS Architects and DevOps Engineers, Digico Solutions offers comprehensive services including DevOps & CI/CD pipeline automation, architecture setup on the cloud, security implementation, startup architecture & MVP building on AWS, outsourcing of AWS experts, and AI-ready cloud consulting. Digico Solutions leverages its expertise in AWS tools and technologies, such as AWS CodePipeline, AWS CodeBuild, AWS CodeDeploy, AWS EC2 instances, AWS WAF, AWS Shield, AWS Cognito, custom VPCs, and more, to deliver innovative and customized solutions to meet the unique requirements of its customers. With a strong focus on security, efficiency, and scalability, Digico Solutions helps businesses across various industries successfully deploy their products to AWS, hybrid cloud environments, or on-premises setups.